Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Theme-Game in Afghanistan

Pakistan will defend its sovereignty at all costs as the situation in Afghanistan is getting complex, Pakistan’s military high command considers that terrorism in Pakistan is fueled due to porous Pakistan-Afghan border which is not adequately sealed. Pakistan is also being pressurized to seal off Pak-Afghan border. Project that sealing the border is not only the responsibility of Pakistan. Gen Kayani was satisfied with the military and stabilization operation being carried out in FATA to restore and sustain peace. Pakistan would not tolerate any incursion on its territory.

US insistence for an early operation against Haqqani Network in North Waziristan is uncalled as Pakistan Army has its own priorities and compulsions. It will act against the militants at a time of its own choosing after assessing its national interest but there is no doubt on Pakistan’s commitment and efforts to establish peace in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has no such desire and General Kayani has our rightly rejected such misleading perception reiterating that Pakistan fully supports peace and stability in Afghanistan. The Pakistan Army Chief significantly maintained that US has been informed that Pakistan does not require any military aid.
General Kayani has reassured that Pakistan has no intention of launching an armed action in North Wairistan and there is no question of a compromise on national honor in developing relations with the US.
Us is playing a double in Afghanistan, blaming Pakistan for allegedly providing sanctuaries to Taliban who attack US/ISAF in Afghanistan while supporting the anti-Pakistan – Taliban (TTP) to undertake terrorist activities inside Pakistan.

Recent US focus on Haqqani Network appears to be a part of bigger scapegoat scheme perceived by US military high command and CIA to save their face and insinuate against Pakistan Army and ISI. It is unbelievable to see US asserting that Haqqani Network is the only hurdle against victory in Afghanistan or the only reason for US failure.

US has seriously destabilized Pakistan in the process and it seems that Pakistan would have to face more grave problems once US exits from Afghanistan. US allegations against Pakistan Government, Army, ISI appear to be based on psychological campaign aimed at giving divisive messages, in which embarrassing and well coined information is given forcing the target audience to respond or engage in desired activities.
Indo-Afghan strategic partnership in a US scheme to position India in Afghanistan with strategic advantage not only to bring Indian boots on Afghan soil but also to encircle Pakistan and be able to check China. India would also be engulfed by terrorism, as Indian boots in Afghanistan would provide a good reason for Taliban to plan their operation in Kashmir as a retaliation measure. Indian soil will not remain safe of terrorism as war against terrorism will spread to India and other regional countries. Hence, US must not allow Indian boots inside Afghanistan.

Stability in Afghanistan will remain a far possibility till all the stake holders including Pashtuns and Talibans are brought to one page. At the same time concerns of regional states like Pakistan, Iran and China also need to be addressed through a cool thought out process rather than using sizzling arrogance of Power.
As per Mathew Rosenberg’s report (Wall Street Journal), US held secret meeting with Afghan Taliban (Haqqani Network). The meeting was held month before the Sep 13 attack on US embassy in Kabul This indicates that on one hand US publically scorns Haqqani group for violence in Afghanistan and also accuse ISI for supporting them and on the other hand US is making behind the scene efforts to negotiate with Taliban including Haqqani group,. While Siraj Haqqani, so of Jalaludding Haqqani , in a BBC interview, categorically denied taking orders from ISI. He also said Americans were in touch with him to persuade him to enter into talks with Afghan Government. It needs media coverage.

CIA along with Indian RAW are involved to create conditions in Karachi, Baluchistan and FATA to destabilize Pakistan. US agents have connections with Pakistani Taliban who not only launch attacks inside Pakistani soil but also undertake other terrorist activities to cause damage to Pakistan. Such acts of sabotage and terrorism are openly sponsored by CIA, which indicate double game being played by USA.
Afghan Defense Minister General Abdur Rahimullah Yousafzai Wardik’s statement that the attack on Burhanuddin Rabbani was planned in Quetta and that suicide bomber, Ismatullah, was a Pakistani from the border town of Chaman but what about attacks of armed groups of militants inside Pakistani territory enjoy protection and sponsorship of US / NATO forces?

Strategic Partnership agreement between Afghanistan and India has decisively put India in the center stage of endgame in Afghanistan as it awaits US / NATO to pull out of that country by 2014. Project that US is using this war to make India a regional power, besides pursuing her regional goals to be achieved. Pakistan’s concern that India is storing enough water to limit the supply to Pakistan where water is used as a “common resource”.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Disinformation by Indian media.

A senior official denied the story by a Pakistani Journalist on an Indian website rediff.com that once President Zardari was admitted in hospital in Dubai, he was conveyed a message on behalf of Army suggesting him to consider resigning from his office on health grounds before the findings of the memo-gate scam put further pressure on him.

It is totally a baseless and unfounded news, Official Said.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Media Projection and Balochistan

Our Media Projects about 3rd class woman Veena Malik highlighted by Indian media when our nation is uniting against NATO / USA. Manzoor Ijaz who said American interests are more important to him, Zardari or should I say Ghadari to ever Pakistani who comes in and out of Pakistan in Ari Ambulance, BBC projects fake reports about NATO attack on behalf of Pakistan Army that; attack was the fault of Afghan commander but our media do not project it’s denial by Pakistan Army, and now specifically Baluchistan issues comes on media in this crutial time when Nawaz Sharif meets Mengal who was once enemies to each other when they had governments in Federation and in Baluchistan province respectively but Baluchistan issue is highlighted by Indian media that “Balochistan will not remain with Pakistan:, India who wants to repeat another 16th Dec 1971 in Baluchistan but will be failed InshaAllah.

Let us scan through the priority list of our capable leadership in today’s circumstances:
  • Reopening of Z.A.B case to remove a historical stain from our judicial system, while two weeks back they were seen on roads expressing their non-satisfaction on their verdict and actions.
  • Claiming to have made remarkable performance in “war against terror”, courtesy Pakistan Army while driving 180 million helpless Pakistanis into an uncertain future.
  • Claiming diplomatic triumph by becoming the closest ally of Americans, while they welcome their drones showering “Hell fire Missile” with disgrace and protest.
  • Economy, security, progress destroyed all across Pakistan because of prevailing power crisis while after 3 years except a dubious rental power initiative, they have nothing to show.
Having said this, no wonder the issues mentioned above have been mishandled, but still they have been touched which is nothing short of a miracle.
I am forced to say this because the same democratic setup, under whose will only “Lord Knows” has totally forgotten a part of Pakistan we know as “Balochistan”, ironically the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area and blessed with unimaginable mineral wealth.
The fire in the said province is going out of control, and as a matter of fact some source claim that it has already surpassed the level of containment. Political forces have not disappointed, but rather destroyed Balochistan, whether you see boys sitting in Islamabad or Quetta.
Disappearance, spy game, extra judicial murders, ransom and lawlessness is what reigns in that forgotten land, and to top it all grievances against Pakistan is stock piling.
Recently, a brave initiative was undertaken by top line anchors, conducting series of programs on this issue. Though constructive, they were seen clueless as to why “delaying for a better day” is followed by the political forces, while the situation is fast turning from bad to worse. Boys in uniform, especially FC has remained in the “firing lane” on this issue, but its clear that where politics, dialogue and patience fail, they are introduced to flex the muscles.
Initiatives like Baloch rights legislation, reforms and restructuring has failed miserably, not because of its working but due to negligence and ill will behind it. Mr President and PM have entirely sidelined themselves from this issue, and I am sad to say that it seems that they have calculated that it’s a lost case, and their ignorance will save their name in history for not playing a part in this sad episode. Its alarming to see how our national anthem and flag has seized to exist in Balochistan, while at the same time ethnic cleansing of different nationality is at its peak. Corruption and criminal links is what all we hear about ruling assembly in Baluchistan, especially at a time when it is facing such a critical moment. Cases like Riko Diq have further eliminated any chances of winning back “hearts and mind” in Balochistan, and there is no future strategy on board to turn the things around.
Today’s Baloch nationalist movement are playing in the hand of foreign operatives, and one cannot deny this fact but before this, it shouldn’t be forgotten that they have been exploited, neglected and isolated so much that they have chosen the extreme path of, insurgency and terrorism.
Of course we are not living in a “world of morality”, where your foe will close door on an opportunity of manhandling you, and unfortunately for Pakistan there is abundance of actors outside, waiting for a chance like this. Like on many issues, Americans are taking Baluchistan as a bargain tool to settle the issues in Afghanistan, and so on.
Gwadar is also a prime example of government stance of pushing Balochistan to the wall. After conducting a cabinet meeting some years back, no one has heard from this strategic project, which is also believed to be the central objective of this game. While our neighbors have linked Afghanistan and Central Asia to Chahbahar port (Iran), Gwadar the deepest sea port still awaits government resolve to start its operations. Isn’t it criminal to sideline a project like this which can change the entire dynamics of the region?? Of course not in the respectful encyclopedia of Pakistan politics.
Balochistan is nothing less than the heart of Pakistan, and we love every Baloch brother of ours. If they have grievances, so is the soul sitting in Punjab, KPK and Sindh as well. Our forefathers have collectively fought for the cause of Pakistan, and for that no one can suppress or sideline any part or ethnic group of Pakistan.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

NATO attack was not an "Accident"

Why are we deluding ourselves? This lethal NATO helicopters’ attack on two Pakistani border posts couldn’t be an “accident”, as the command of coalition forces in Afghanistan would have it believed.

A spokesman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said he believed aircraft that had been called in to provide air support for ground troops was responsible for the Pakistani casualties, guardian.co.uk reports.

This was a naked aggression, plain and simple, deliberate and planned. The posts couldn’t be unknown to the US-led NATO forces. These must be very much in their knowledge and also on their field maps. The posts were indeed set up for their intriguing inaction to hobble fugitive Pakistani militants, safely ensconced in hundreds under their very noses in Afghanistan’s Kunar and Nuristan provinces from where they freely plan and launch deadly attacks on our security posts and civilian villages and return to their bases unchecked. Not just that. They have curiously constantly turned a deaf ear to Pakistan’s every plea to dismantle that terrorist network. But for this NATO adventurism’s escalation against Pakistan, our establishment is to blame its own quizzical pussyfooting. It has shown only kid gloves where it should have necessarily displayed an iron hand. This is not the first time the US-led armies have aggressed on Pakistan.

 In June 2008, at least 11 of our soldiers lost their precious lives in a thuggish US air strike. The establishment just kept confined to lodging a protest with the US ambassador in Islamabad. Again, the NATO adventurists killed three soldiers in a strike in September last year. After a bit of huffing and puffing, the establishment lifted the NATO supplies’ suspension from Torkham in about 11 days. The May 2 Abbottabad audacious US commando raid drew no protest from the establishment, while the CIA murder contractor Davis Raymond was mysteriously left off the hook for killing two Pakistani nationals in broad daylight in Lahore and allowed to return home to roam free on American streets. What else could you then expect if not that the Americans and their NATO allies would get emboldened and feel free to go arrogantly for aggressive actions against this country?  Even now, while the two NATO supply routes with Afghanistan have been blocked, news networks are quoting unidentified Pakistani official sources saying that the step has been taken “for security reasons”.

Keeping watch: Pakistani security officials stand guard near trucks carrying logistics supplies destined for NATO's forces in Afghanistan Saturday night

What security reasons? The security of containers loaded with food supplies and provisions and military hardware for the American and NATO forces so that fatten their muscles and use the supplied weapons and munitions to murder our soldiers in aggressions on our territory? Do we really have to stoop so low as to be so apologetic even when no less than 26 of our valiant officers and jawans have been brutally mowed down by thuggish NATO aggressors and some 15 others have been wounded, many critically? We are also hearing brave words from the establishment’s quarters that Pakistan would tolerate no such incursion again. But this we have heard even in the past. But the thuggish aggressions of US and NATO forces continue. Exasperatingly, why no air force fighters scrambled and took on the NATO murderous intruders playing havoc with the precious lives of our valiant officers and jawans? Even when fugitive Swati thug Fazlullah’s battalions of brigands had once crossed over from their Afghan safe havens and attacked security posts and civilian villages in Chitral for hours, eyewitnesses reportedly said the NATO planes and helicopters were throughout flying over the territory under assault. Then too the air force had not come into action. What then is the point of bold words if bold talk is not to be walked?  

The Pakistani establishment must understand the US-led occupiers are in a tight corner in Afghanistan. They have virtually lost the Afghan war and have no face to show to their own peoples who they have fed on tales of victories that exist not. The insurgency in Afghanistan is in a swirling resurgence, swiftly extending its sway even to areas once deemed relatively calm. And the occupiers are in utter despair and desperation. To show a bit presentable face to their peoples, they need a whipping boy who they could hold up as their imaginary Afghan triumphs’ spoiler. To this end, they have latched on to Pakistan. Predictably, there will be more of such aggressions in times ahead.

After all, what else could it be when coalition forces’ commander in Afghanistan US General John Allen meets Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and discusses measures for coordination, communication and procedures between their armies to enhance border control on both sides and then the very next day comes this murderous aggression on our border posts? Let all and sundry note it is we alone, not the UN or anybody else, who are to defend our territorial sovereignty and sanctity. For this, we have to put a strong face and show a strong hand. Let the historians say, when it came to a crunch, the Pakistanis fought, fought hard, fought bravely and went down fighting, not like cowards with the tail between the legs.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reply by Ally from Hell to Devil From Heaven

After reading the article “The Ally from Hell” published on The Atlantic by Jeffrey Goldberg and Marc Ambinder I’m making a reply as “Ally from Hell” to “Devil from Heaven” where Ally is Pakistan as stated by the authors and Devil is USA as stated by me (Sabrina Baloch).

Article URL:  http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/12/the-ally-from-hell/8730/4/

Let me start with the introduction paragraph from the Article “Pakistan lies. It hosted Osama bin Laden (knowingly or not). Its government is barely functional. It hates the democracy next door. It is home to both radical jihadists and a large and growing nuclear arsenal (which it fears the U.S. will seize). Its intelligence service sponsors terrorists who attack American troops. With a friend like this, who needs enemies?
The article “The Ally from Hell” is like a new episode in war & fear propaganda used by US Administration and controlled media and authors in USA.

But question arises here that Did Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan or Not? As we have only these pictures are evidences as the news on world labor holiday that on 1st May 2011 that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD! In Pakistan! announced by President Obama & Pentagon. The sources that Osama bin Laden is dead or not? It’s the President of United States of America that is Barak Obama. So the question is “do you trust the president or don’t you trust the president? “As you go through my this letter  you will know why I asked this Question here in start.

This picture is the 1st evidence of death of Osama bin laden and where is Osama in that picture? Yes we have Obama Administration watching something it may be anything. 

This is 2nd picture as evidence which is the house where he did live in Pakistan? And where is Osama in that picture?

In this 3rd News Exclusive picture where somebody lost the blood but where is that somebody? Was it Osama bin Laden or someone else? If you can take this picture so u can take his picture too. And if you can publish Saddam Hussein’s pictures or videos and even now Mau mar Qaddafi’s pictures and videos then why not of Osama Bin Laden’s picture?

Just think about quality of information we buy as exclusive news? Shouldn’t we chance our newspapers or news channels who is more trust worthy?

And then the story goes that Osama was brought to air craft carrier USS Carl Wilson and then they sank him in Indian ocean so question arises why not brought to the New York City as mummy in Museum or what about his post mortem or report of post mortem ? so if anybody wants to know is he dead or not he has to search in Indian ocean ? Funny isn't it?

So who told the president that Bin Laden was there or not and its CIA director Leon Panetta and Admiral William McRavean 

And it is difficult to trust CIA and Special Services who couldn’t even justify the invasion of Iraq and 9/11 realities as discussed above with facts.

So who can else who can confirm the death of Osama bin Laden and yes it is Khalid Sheikh Muhammad who was arrested in march 2003 in Rawalpindi Pakistan and then he was brought to Guatnamo Prision and he said he was being tortured in Guatnamo Bay and in 2007 Khalid Sheikh Muhammad says he was responsible for 9/11 But question comes that you can make anyone say anything in your custody and torturing him/her.  But Khalid Sheikh Muhammad never being brought for an open public trial in new york? Why?

As Jeffery Goldberg tries to build a story against Pakistan or it’s Nuclear arsenal in context of 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden over here I would 1st emphasize on the reality of 9/11 and will try to analyze it’s reality in context of Afghan and Iraq wars where some allegations were built then authenticated to wage a war against those countries and then found they were “Lies”
  • What happened on 9/11 in Reality?  I would say they are surprise stories as we analyses it on current geopolitical scenarios and current foreign relation events on today’s date.
  • Was Osama Bin Laden responsible for 9/11 attacks and G.W. Bush and his administration was surprised by the attacks?
  •  Was Osama Bin Laden who was claimed responsible for 9/11 BUT!! G.W.Bush and his administrations knowingly allow it to happen?  There was not a reality of Osama Bin Laden or his tapes and responsibilities and criminal elements in Defense Department of USA and Bush Administration did it on purpose which is called inside job on the population.

War in Afghanistan started on 7th of October 2011, If you want to  debate currently on war in Afghanistan you can only do it in the context of  9/11 and the war was waged on Afghanistan by this official narrative that Osama attacked the USA who was protected by Taliban in Afghanistan therefor wage the war against Afghanistan. or if I rewrite this scenario that if a nuclear attack is being made on USA then USA can claim to attack Pakistan in same scenario ?
Hamid Karazai and parts of Aghan government are part of the Doctrine for this scheme in Afghanistan and WHY!!... Because Afghanistan can produce huge stocks of Drugs!! and those warlords who produce these drugs support only those governments who protects them.
In Taliban era there was no poppy cultivation or trade in Afghanistan as they almost finished it from the root but right after the war on Afghanistan USA or Afghan government purposely allowed it to grow again? 

Then we have Iraq War on March 20, 2003. Right after 9/11 there were few people who tried to link 9/11 with Iraq but that was wrong from the beginning but later in 2003 those propagation were on high that Al-Qaida is operative in Iraq so Saddam hussain was removed in Iraq and Noor Ul Maliki was installed Prime Minister in Iraq. Evidences shows that troops who are Iraq were in context of 9/11. Look at the following helmet of US soldier where you see the designs of Pentagon and twin towers.

2006 survey made in Iraq among US soldiers and found that 85% of US Soldiers says they are in Iraq to fight war against Saddam Hussain who had a roll in 9/11 which was totally wrong !! as Saddam hussain had no roll in 9/11 but was just war propaganda to twist your mind in such extend that you go to war and either you are killed or you kill anyone the same theology is applied by Jeffery Goldberg by quoting President Obama’s speech which was indirectly towards Pakistan i.e

“The single biggest threat to U.S. security, both short-term, medium-term, and long-term, would be the possibility of a terrorist organization obtaining a nuclear weapon,” President Obama said last year at an international nuclear-security meeting in Washington. Al-Qaeda, Obama said, is “trying to secure a nuclear weapon—a weapon of mass destruction that they have no compunction at using.”

So can you judge the style of propaganda build to wage wars or make excuses to make others criminals? 

When Bush Administration lied about Iraq that Iraq possesses Weapon of Mass Destruction so people think and have right to ask that did they lied about 9/11 as well? As both are interlinked.  It is all about Trust do we trust the US Government or US President?

This can be compare to current administration's claims about Pakistan's nuclear program or about Iran's nuclear program. 

Collen Powel 2005 offered excuse about his or in reality Government’s position.
“in 2005 powell explained he felt terrible and apologized for having falsely presented an iraq’s weapons program that turned out not to exist. I’m the one who presented it on behalf of United States to the world it would always be a part of my record that is painful” 

He was very few of them who offered excuses but even President Bush said before Iraq War to make people scare as many people do not want to go war even if there are bad people some 4000 Miles away but people will not go but if you say that they are linked with 9/11 so people would remember that event and the politics of fear will work so government can build an opinion in minds of people for war as people would say ok we will go for war for this reason but it would be last one and there will never be a LAST WAR in context of 9/11. 


We have colleen Powell who lied in UN, We have Dick Chenny who wrote public articles that one should use torture, Bush himself who lied about weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq and never offered an apology, condaliza rice as she said there are links between al-Qaida and Iraq which is non-sense as there were no links at all. George Tenant and Donald Remsfeld. This picture is the Mafia of USA before Obama administration who waged two wars on the bases of Lies? Do we trust them?

 More then 225,000 People are killed after 9/11 and 3 Trillion $$ are spent in all these wars.
These soldiers form USA didn’t even thought that why they are in Afghanistan? Was it a lie or reality ?

 Samar Hassan most famous victim of Iraq War sources May 7, 2011 New York Times

She is currently 12 years old and She is looking @ picture of her when she was 5 years old when her parents were killed by US Soldiers in Iraq.We are living in age of information technology so no matter how much molded lies you can produce people do have the capacity to catch those lies.

Nato Invocated article 5 after 9/11 1st time in their history. Nato was constructed during the cold war as an alliance on the bases of principal that if one member is attacked every member will be considered attacked. But Nato never invoked that article 5 during cold war as USSR never attacked any NATO Member during that era but when 9/11 happened USA said they were attacked and attacked came from Afghanistan which is important point to invoke such article so that made all nato member countries made at war with Afghanistan.

Trustworthiness, when we look for the people who give statements we look for their status and level of trusts on the bases of sources but here the George W Bush reduced his trustworthiness about going to War in Iraq on the bases of lies.
I again ask the question do we trust The President of United States of America or the people who give him information based on lies then he wage wars on other countries? and even pushes his own people and forces in fires of wars?

9/11 commission report was the official story but the important point is that commission was appointed by Bush so it was not independent investigation and it was not congress either and 2nd point is that one member from that investigation commission resigned from the commission that he had no access to important evidences and documents that member was Max Cleveland who is also Vietnam veteran while other members offered the commission report and confirmed the Bush Administration claims on 9/11. 

So the point again rises on the bases of above argument do we trust them?

Furthermore they didn’t even write that book it was written by Philip Zelikow Professor and he said what Bush Administration told the world but there are other people in the United States who says 9/11 commission report worth nothing like Prof. David Ray Saffin who is retired now due to pressure of his writings on 9/11 and it is truth now that if you speak truth about 9/11 you might lose your job or sometime even life.  

And Prof. David Ray Saffin says that 9/11 was not a surprise to the world it was Make it happen on purpose which was orchestrated by Bush Administration or government of USA to control the oil of world and establish the new war doctrine of pre-emptive warfare which was difficult sell before 9/11” and after his dismissal because of 9/11 he wrote ten books about it. So if anyone interested to investigate reality of 9/11 do read the bush administration version of 9/11 commission report but also the books of Prof. David Ray Saffin.

Note: Pre-Emptive warfare means that you bomb someone as just to pretend they will bomb you and even they didn’t which is a huge difference to go to war if someone really attacks you. You can say that Pre-Emptive warfare is a modern and molded word used for war of aggression but as to avoid criticize they use different arguments or lies such as weapon of mass destruction or possible threats of terror attacks and they attack any country on these bases

Prof Saffin says there is no change from Bush Administration to Obama Administration as White house never did a new investigation on 9/11 till today.  

In 9/11 event two planes stroked at twin towers and there is the first version of Bush’s Shock and Awe theory as they applied 1st on their own people and you can see the fear and element of surprise in the eye of these people who were watching those towers. 

But we arise a question here that there was a tower WC7 along with Twin Tower complex in 7 seconds which was not hit by a plane on 9/11 but it went down along with twin towers and obviously people say what does the 9/11 commission report says about WC7 as it is a crucial question how does this building went down which was not being hit by the plane and the answer is “They didn’t even mention that building”. 


This is very serious issue so if 9/11 commission cannot count the number of buildings of that incident but nato invoked article 5 on the bases of 9/11 commission report and bush administration claims are proven by 9/11 commission report but they don’t have correct number of buildings on their report ?

So Did WTC7 was taken down by Control Demolition and if yes that keep in mind that Control demolition took weeks to prepare it and nobody said that Bin laden blew up the buildings through control demolition.

New York Times states that the collapse of WTC7 is outstanding mystery of 9/11 attacks and since before then, no modern , steel enforced high rise in United States ever collapsed in fire and that is the factorial truth in the World but Bush Administration claimed that this building went down because of fire. Wow.
You might say now that i'm building conspiratorial theory here but it is not all pics and material is based on real facts and figures directly obtained from the sources in New York or people who are debating about 9/11 reality to re investigate 9/11 event and to seek what really happened and why few realities are being hide by the Government of USA while they are still using same shock and awe tactics against there own people and other countries.  

Here we have report that from FEMA that the specifics of the fires in the WTC7 and how they caused building down remained unknown” But yes Bush administration knows it went down by fire but don’t know how But We have Department of Defense and CIA as tenants on floor 25 (Quoted from the same FEMA Report) so WTC7 Building was part of defense community.  So can we say or predict that floor 25th of WTC7 was a control center for 9/11 Event? Where many firemen says there were secondary explosions in WTC7, the dust found from WTC7 has Nano termite which is advance explosive chemical and many physics experts says that WTC7 came down because of control demolition and these realities are not the official stories as they didn’t even mention WTC7 in 9/11 Commission report.

Now here BBC journalist Jane Stanely Says WTC7 Collapsed but the building was still standing in her behind so the question arises how does she knows that it collapse and yes it will collapse but she spoke before and even if she read the words on front screen then who said or told the news anchor that it will collapse? So it is a really bizarre scenario we are analyzing here. 


But when questioned were asked to BBC about third building they says we are investigating we got this news from Reuters so if the BBC have no reliable sources by themselves and they follow others so question again arises Can we Trust BBC, Reuters or any international media (Mostly Controlled) ?

This is crime right after 9/11 is the destruction of evidence and then no access to any record by Government of USA till to date for any independent investigation or even when FEMA team reached there after month later.  Scientific aspects were ignored by NIST and then in 9/11 commission report.

Pentagon which was hit by 3rd plane pictured below is flat and it is not like sky scraper building it’s flat.So is it possible to drive a plane like Truck into pentagon ?


And in this picture we see explosions and fire but we do not see any part of plane here? Is it possible in any plane site crash? We have official from airport authorities who have 34 years’ experience in airplane crash investigation that no plane hit the pentagon so that is complicated that one experience investigator says that plane did not hit the pentagon but on other side we have President of USA who says it did but there is no pictorial or video evidence as well.

So did pentagon fired a missile to pentagon and said it was a plane and sent by Osama Bin Laden? That could be the possible scenario after analyzing above facts and below picture.

Now we have Vice President Dick Chenny who was in white house when a plane allegedly hit the Pentagon. And Former minister of transport Norman manitha who was in white house with Dick Chenny by few distance says". Yet we do not know who was the young man and what the orders actually but the problem is that this statement was made in front of 9/11 commission but it is not in 9/11 commission report? Why?

 A lot of money is being made just before and on 9/11 days as many significant more put options were made on the shares of United Airlines and on American Airlines only? But why not any other airline ? and there were not call options on those two airlines. 9/11 commission report says that trading has no links with 9/11 on page 49 in footnote. So who is going to find and read it?

Ok Osama bin Laden was fighting against soviets in Russian invasion of Afghanistan on the bases of Muslims vs non-Muslims and that was a fact too that how can a non-Muslim country invade a Muslim country so let’s unite and get rid of them (USSR) and yes USA supported Bin Laden and other groups on its own interest in 80’s which is also a fact and here we have to consider.

Osama bin Laden is from Saudia Arabia and Kaba is in Mecca Saudia Arabia so many people in west do not understand that when 1st gulf war in 1991 took place non-Muslim soldiers came to Saudia Arabia that means they insulted Islam and that was the argument build by Osama Bin Laden to attack them which is equitable to his argument against USSR in 80s and for Christians (Catholics primarily) that can be like if Muslims occupy the Vatican city.

And there is Lot of Oil there as globally we need 44 supertankers of oil every day and USA did not distance from Saudia Arabia even those 19 alleged terrorists were from Saudia Arabia due to Oil and why didn’t USA bombed Saudi Arabia? Obviously you don’t have to be so brilliant to judge that all oil comes from Muslim counrties and USA has good contacts with all those oil production countries except Iran and Libya and currenty Iran is on their hit list while Libya is neutralized by them by another war.

In this picture Donald Rumsfiled is discussing the oil prices with Saudi ruling elite that when they will bomb Iraq Oil Prices will go up and that will be a problem for everyone specially West who are the biggest consumer of oil.

To explain above scenario that Dose governments plans to attack their own population specially in relation to 9/11 and yes we have and it’s also from USA and context is back in Cuba missile crises in early 60s to topple Fidel Castro in Cuba and USA wanted an excuse to start a war with Cuba and below pic is a pentagon original document about such plan.

“We can blow up a ship in Guantanamo bay and blame Cuba” so that is false flag terrorism by state.
“We could develop communist terrorist campaign in Miami bay area or even in Washington” that was his 2nd suggestion which looks similar to Mumbai attacks in India. The idea is to produce terror campaign in your own country to hit another country by putting your deed blame on them.

These things can be done to make your people so angry that their opinions will become similar to your decision. Interesting isn’t it these plans were made but never executed due to John F Kennedy’s refusal to approve it and he said that General should leave USA and he was transferred to NATO. we all know he was killed and this could be one of the factor too.

Now read this quote from Jeffery Goldberg’s article:

“There are three threats,” says Graham Allison, an expert on nuclear weapons who directs the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard. The first is “a terrorist theft of a nuclear weapon, which they take to Mumbai or New York for a nuclear 9/11. The second is a transfer of a nuclear weapon to a state like Iran. The third is a takeover of nuclear weapons by a militant group during a period of instability or splintering of the state.” Pakistani leaders have argued forcefully that the country’s nuclear weapons are secure. In times of relative quiet between Pakistan and India (the country that would be the target of a Pakistani nuclear attack),”

So do we expect now that Graham Allison is speaking true or stating lie? Or making an argument to wage another war then make an excuse? OR Do we trust the US Administration or it’s controlled media or war waging propaganda machine or writters such as Jeffrey Goldberg and Marc Ambinder where they provided no credible evidence but did made a very good fiction story about Pakistan & ISI ? like they did for Afghanistan & Iraq Wars?